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Beer Soaps

Handmade Beer Soaps

Beer Soaps make great gifts for all the beer lovers in your life. Whether they love Corona, Samuel Adams, George Killians Irish Red, Budweiser, Sierra Nevada, or Blue Moon, we have a soap for you. We make our Beer Soaps with simple ingredients that provide extraordinary Benefits. All of our beer soaps are cold-process and are made with high amount of olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil. All of our soaps have lots of creamy, foamy bubbles and are very gentle.

Did you know that beer soaps are good for your skin? Beer has been used for thousands of years (since the Egyptians) to freshen the skin and reduce the risk of skin conditions and scientific studies have confirmed that beer sediment (yeast) can help improve the symptoms of acne by slowing down sebum production and killing off the bacteria that triggers acne. Beer soaps also help maintain a balanced pH level in the skin. Since beer is made primarily with hops, the properties and benefits of this herb become part of the soap. Hops are known to sooth irritated skin and contain skin softening amino acids. The active beer yeast is considered an extremely healing ingredient and contains B vitamins and saccharides, which help purify and renew the skin while locking in moisture. It is also thought that beer yeast helps with skin elasticity. Takes relaxing in the show or bath with beer to a whole different level doesn't it? And no, you will not end up smelling like a brewery after using these wonderful soaps.


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